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Focus Fitness provides the benefit of having an expert to guide and educate you through a customized training program. Motivation, accountability and efficiency are fundamental values we strive to serve for every client and member.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality personal training services and training facility in the beaches area! We are a diverse team of trainers that accommodate all health and fitness needs. Whether your goals include weight loss, weight gain, strength training, performance enhancement, injury prevention and recovery, pre- and post- natal, or sports specific...we have a team trainer that will help you meet them!

Personal Training Services

Single Session $70: This is an individual session which allows the trainer to give special attention to proper execution of form and program intensity. Trainers are able to implement adequate static and dynamic stretches before and after exercises to emphasize the correction of muscular imbalances and/or postural deviations.

Half Hour Single Session $50: This session provides the same services as a single session, in a modified time frame.

Small Group Session $40: This session consists of 2-4 clients, who share the instruction time of one trainer while performing their personalized program. Clients that choose this session option are typically equipped to perform proper form and execution of exercises without continuous supervision. Groups are mostly formed based on the convenience of price and/or schedule of availability.

These above prices are based on "Per Session" rates; if purchasing less than 5 sessions at one time. 

Training Packages


When purchasing sessions in packages of 5 or more, the session rate is decreased to the following rates:

Single Session $65     

Half Hour Single Session $45   

Group session $35

Monies are set up onto your account, in which when the session is serviced, that session rate is pulled from your monies on account. We typically do packages of 10 to include facility membership. 

10 sessions (facility membership is included)

20 sessions (facility membership is included, and you get one free session added to your account)

30 sessions (facility membership is included, and you get two free sessions added to your account)

40 sessions (facility membership is included, and you get three free sessions added to your account)