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Nutrition is incorporated in our personalized program design for clients by their trainer. We recommend nutrition guidelines opposed to prescribing. As additional services, we offer supplementation, juicing, and Nutrition Coaching.

Basics of nutrition:

Nutrition is an important part of everyone's fitness program. Please explore the following information for some introductory facts about nutrition.

3 Steps To Fix A Broken Diet

Nutrition coaching

  • What is a nutrition coach?

Really listens-to figure out what you need and what you want to accomplish

Pays attention- to read between the lines and learn how you live

Asks questions- to discover what's really important to you and why

Team up- to work together and create something personal for you

Coach and mentor- to ensure you're on track and remove roadblocks from success.

  • Coaching...what does it entail?

A nutrition coach has four key tasks:

1. Define clearly what must be done

2. Develop a plan to do it- in collaboration with the client

3. Enable the means to accomplish it

4. Build relationships that make this possible

Other responsibilities include: knowing relevant theories and ideas in their field, interpreting emerging fitness theories to client appropriateness and communicating only the most important and level-appropriate information.

  • Pricing:

Standard Plan $97/month autopay

Premium (includes two monthly meetings) $130

Contact our Precision Nutrition Coach, Miwa Fiore for a free consultation 904-891-8050