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We have membership options available to those who do not prefer to utilize our training services. Membership at Focus Fitness ensures a private, intimate facility-without the high traffic or lines for equipment, and convenience of location.

Members will need to sign a Release of Liability Waiver and make payment at the time of use. See our Policies and Guidelines for reference. Daily, weekly, and month to month members will receive a membership card that they must bring with them to the facility.


$120/month: Month-2-Month Membership

$99/month: An EFT Membership which will be renewed each month for the first six months, until client wishes to discontinue after six months.

$39/month: Off-hours membership. Facility access is available between 10am and 4pm Monday-Friday, and 8am-12noon Saturday.

Adjusted Rates

$15/day: Daily with photo ID

$35/week: Up to 7 days, with photo ID

$69 30-day Trial Membership: A $220 value, includes: 1-Fitness Assessment, 1-Single training session, 1-small group training session and 1-month facility access. This option is perfect for anyone who would like to experience all our services, in order to decide which program would work best for reaching their goals.