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Who Benefits:
EVERYONE! Weight loss, sustaining weight, weight gain…
Whats the Cost:
$25 per workshop
Where’s the workshop located:
Focus Fitness, Jax Beach
Where do I sign up:
Visit Focus Fitness website at focusfitnessjax.com, click on the ‘Nutrition Workshop Series’ Sign Up link on the Home/front page!


Series I

Crushing Calories!

Understanding you BMR ( Basel Metabolic Rate) and how to use it to reach your Health & Fitness goals. Identifying caloric portions of Fats, Proteins and Carbohydrates to alter your BMR.

Dates of Series I Workshop:

Feburary 2nd
August 3rd
Saturday 10-11am


Series II

The Foods U Chew!

How to make better food choices- on the go, for food prep, and grocery shopping. Understand what ‘Fasting’ is, and how to alter metabolic response. What should we eat before & after a workout? How much is too much?

Dates of Series II Workshop:

May 4th
November 2cd
Saturday 10-11am